"Masked spectres from the underside of life, ghostly envoys of the occult night, and ultimately the tempter "the winged beast" emerging from the shadows to emanate an intoxicating sensuality. 

The spirit of the phantom of the opera hovers over the darkly sexy gewgaws of Nuit N°12, the brainchild of French designers Ludivine Machinet and Frédéric Baldo. ‘Transgressing the borders of jewelry creation is our aim. All our pieces are objects of curiosity, rare and fantastic, opulent and symbolic, fashioned with highly skilled craft,’ they say. ‘They awaken the senses, trigger a devouring obsession, and become talismanic.’ It is this powerful narrative that informs Nuit N°12’s creations. With complex techniques and experimentation, and with the help of scores of skilled artisans, they constantly test the limits of jewelry design. Brass, wood and Plexiglas are combined, then lacquered or enamelled for a flawless lustre that oozes gothic glamour. As for the dream palette for catacomb wraiths, black is a given, then silver for shining armour and dusty pink for haunting seduction. It is during the night that ‘reality is banished from the dream world’ and lust is playfully fetishized. According to the design duo, ‘Our muse is a hybrid creature, somewhere between Anita Berber, Medea and Simonetta Gianfelici.’ Perhaps a style-conscious night-and-day bird, for whom fashion jewelry is a swanky, totemic essential? Ludivine and Frédéric’s dream for the future is to expand Nuit N°12 beyond fashion accessories by developing ready-to-wear lines, cosmetics and product designs – ultimately, to build an all-inclusive lifestyle brand. And when that moment comes, the elusive forces of the night will storm our daylight hours."

From "The New Jewelers"
Thames & Hudson Edition